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What will you achieve with this material?

All in one place!

Read the context of each rhythm, study its description and musical notation while listening to them with the Music Album.

Simple Language

This material was created by a dancer and for dancers. You are not required to have previous training in rhythms or music.

Memorize the rhythms

Knowing how to recognize and dance each rhythm is essential. Some rhythms must be danced in a certain way and here I will explain how!


This book is intended as a concise guide, in simple and clear language, which includes not only the cultural or historical context of each rhythm but also how it is danced! Get it in print or ebook!

Rhythms Musical Album

In this Musical Album divided into 3 volumes, you will be able to listen to each one of the 50 rhythms included in the book, played by the wonderful Egyptian percussionist Sherif AboelSaad. Format: Mp3

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About the Author

Maria Isabel Angel, Bachelor of Dance from the University of Antioquia, began her training in Oriental Dance in 1999.

Throughout her extensive career she has been trained in countries such as Egypt (to which she travels every year), Turkey, Morocco, Dubai, USA, Argentina, among others.

Her Dance Academy is located in Colombia and has become a reference not only nationally but internationally.

Her clear teaching methodology, her passion for research, her continuous training, her dedication in class and her demands have earned her students all over the world.

Today, her Academy offers the first "Labor Technique as an Arabic Dance Instructor" in Latin America, approved by the Government Education Secretariat, issuing a certificate valid for everyone and which can be articulated to higher education.

She also organizes the Medellín Arab Festival and the Menaht Festival, both of which, year after year, have the most recognized artists in the world, who offer masterclasses and shows.

Her classes are lived day by day, online and in person.