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We specialize in Oriental Dance Classes but we also offer private classes of all the genres and styles!


Founded in 2000 we have been doing this for a loooooong time!

Our teachers are the best! Fun and talented!

And our school is beautifull! Check the photos!

Where are we located?

We are in the Stadium area, just one block away from the Floresta Metro Stataion!

Near the Metro Station
Many buses available
Easy to park your car in front of the school


We offer mainly Oriental Dance group classes, but we offer private classes of all the genres! Ask for the style you want to learn!

Best fees of the market! Super talented teachers!


Academy Director

Graduated in Dance from the University of Antioquia, she began her training in Oriental Dance with Luz Marina Muñoz in Medellín, who ignited in her the respect and love for Oriental Dance.

Throughout her more than 20 year career she has trained in countries such as the USA, Turkey, Dubai, Morocco and Argentina.

And since 2007 she has made 1 or 2 annual trips to Egypt where she has been trained in festivals such as Ahlan wa Sahlan, Nile Group, Cairo Khan and Raqs of Course; besides taking advantage of these trips to take private lessons with top Egyptian teachers.

In December 2010 (on her fourth trip to Egypt with a 3 month stay) Maria Isabel got certified as a teacher in the "Winter Intensive Course" organized by Raqia Hassan in the city of Cairo.

In 2014 she also got certified as a teacher at the Tamalyn Dallal Master Training in New York. Since 2000 she began her career teaching Oriental dance and later opened her Academy, which specializes in Oriental dance and other folk dances from the Middle East.

Her passionate, judicious, intense, updated, demanding and content teaching methodology is her personal seal and this has led thousands of students not only from Colombia but from other countries to seek her out as a reference and teacher.

She also presides over the organization of the "Festival Árabe Medellín", the most important Arab dance and culture event in the country.

Finally, thanks to her continuous work, Maria Isabel is invited to give workshops and perform shows all over Colombia and abroad, and her academy is now one of the most prestigious in the country.

Train with Maria Isabel Angel

New Book adn CD! 50 rhythms that every Belly dancer should know!

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Online Course (free)

Train a super fun choreo with the song Ensay (Saad Lamjarred) of Pop Mahraganat with me!

Workshops and lectures

You can hire Maria Isabel for workshops and lectures not just in Colombia but abroad.

We are the first Academy of Oriental Dance in Colombia accredited by the Secretary of Education

Resolution No 201950117627 by 2019


In 1999 this dream arises from the hand of its director Maria Isabel Angel, who at that time finds her passion and love: the Oriental Dance.

Thanks to more than 20 years of continuous work, the Academy today has positioned itself as a reference of Oriental Dance at a national level, not only for the continuous training of its teachers and the effective methodology of teaching, but also for providing spaces for learning without egos where friendship and teamwork are encouraged.

We have annual levels ranging from basic to advanced and a projection group. Our classes are for adults, youth and children, both men and women.

Since 2004, we produce student shows (June and November).

We offer a varied monthly cultural program with the integral well-being of our students in mind.

We organize annual trips to the Middle East, which in addition to including the best tourist destinations include the participation - for those who wish - in majestic Dance Festivals.

The Academy is certified as an Educational Institution for Work and Human Development with a License to operate according to Resolution No. 201950117627 of 2019. We offer a program in Academic Knowledge in Arab Dance endorsed by the Ministry of Education.

We are members of the "International Dance Council" CID and issue international certificate of dance with the seal CID.


Monthly fee x1

$22 USD

1 weekly one-hour online class

4 classes per month in total

Access to unlimited training videos

Personalized feedback from the teacher

Access to music and study documents.

Monthly fee x2

$37 USD

2 weekly one-hour online class

8 classes per month in total

Access to unlimited training videos

Personalized feedback from the teacher

Access to music and study documents.

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